My Services

1. The On Location Branded Video

  • The On Location Branded Video service will help your brand reach your target audience in a different way. This service offers unique branded video content for social media, blogs and other platforms.

2. Unboxing videos

  • Unboxing videos are a popular way to showcase what a product looks like and how it performs. They also serve as a marketing tool for the company by providing an informative and entertaining way of introducing their products. Unboxing videos have become incredibly popular on YouTube, with companies using them to promote their products.

3. Product reviews

  • Product reviews are often used in conjunction with unboxing videos to provide more information about the product. This is because unboxing videos typically show only one or two aspects of the product, whereas reviews will give more detailed information about the product.

4. Process Video

  • The Process Video service is completely unique to your business. It is created to showcase a process involving your business. Whether that’s eating at your restaurant, staying your hotel or rental, visiting your brick and mortar store, or anything custom to you. 

5. User-Generated Content (UGC)

  • Short form video content, particularly popular on TikTok and Instagram Reels. These short-form videos not only highlight your product or service, but it also incorporates currently trending songs, editing styles, and concepts.

  • Professional photos, to be used for websites, social posts, or blog posts.

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