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🌎 Universal Laws You can use for Manifesting ✨

Ever Heard of the Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, and Law of Vibration?

Here's the Simple Breakdown!

Want to attract more good things into your life? You might have come across the Law of Attraction, but then stumbled upon the Law of Assumption and Law of Vibration. Confusing, right? Don't worry, it's actually pretty straightforward. You can use specific laws to see where you are in the process of manifesting. Choose your technique depending on what stage you are in.

Stage 1

Law of Attraction: You get what you think about. Think Positive, Get Positive.

Your thoughts attract people, things, and situations to you. This is the beginner's way of manifesting. Your mainly focused on controlling your thoughts. If you are manifesting in a new unknown area, chances are the law of attraction will be the easiest to use. You are focusing on saturating your mind with your intention. The Law of Attraction is about focusing on your desires and activating your voice.

Examples of affirming a thought or belief you want to program into your mind: (1) "I am happy, healthy, and wealthy." (2) "I always get what I want." (3) "Everything always works out for my highest benefit." (4) "I get the goddess treatment everywhere I go." (5) "Magical solutions are always available to me."

You want to loop your affirmations until you start to see your new beliefs being reflected in your physical reality.

Stage 2

Law of Assumption: You get what you expect or assume. Your Belief is Power.

This one focuses on your assumptions and core beliefs. This law is stronger than the law of attraction so you can think about your desire all you want, but if you deeply believe you can't achieve something, guess what? You won't. Objective: Assuming you already have what you want and acting as if it has already manifested. Due to the law of assumption, the over-use of manifesting techniques may actually block you because it contradicts the assumption of already having it.

Examples of an assumption: (1) "I always get highly profitable ideas so I must consider acting on every idea I receive." (2) "I love that I always get what I want." (3) "Since everything always works out for me, I don't need to stress when things seem like they're going wrong."

Stage 3

Law of Vibration: Your Vibration Manifests Automatically.

This is the strongest manifesting law. In this case, you don't need to do anything to manifest what you want. You simply focus on being the person that already has it and vibrating at that frequency. Our frequency is highly affected by our emotions and physical state. By practicing meditation, mindfulness, and visualization, you can easily tap into the vibration of your desired being state. From there, you don't really need to think about your desire, they just naturally manifest in harmonious and surprising ways.

Ever felt super happy and amazing things just happened? The Law of Vibration says everything vibrates at a frequency, including you. Feeling joyful and grateful has a high vibration, attracting good experiences. Feeling stressed or down? That's a low vibration, and similar experiences might follow. The key is to raise your vibration and become a magnet for positive things! Keep in mind that even when you feel negative emotions, as long as you alchemize it in the moment, it won't affect your manifestations. The problem comes when you let these negative emotions fester and you don't deal with them.

So, what's the difference?

Think of them as tools in your manifesting toolbox. The Law of Attraction is about what you focus on, the Law of Assumption is about your beliefs, and the Law of Vibration is about your energy or emotions. They all work together to help you create the life you desire!

Want to Know More?

I've got a video coming up that dives deeper into each law, explains how they work together, and gives you practical tips to use them in your daily life. Stay tuned and become a manifesting pro!

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