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💡 Ideas for you: 100 VERY Low Cost Offers

Here are 100 ideas for creating creative assets that you can develop once and potentially sell many times:

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Digital Products

1. eBooks

2. Audiobooks

3. Online courses

4. Webinars

5. Digital art prints

6. Stock photos

7. Video tutorials

8. Mobile apps

9. Desktop software

10. Website themes

11. Plugins for websites

12. Graphic design templates

13. Resume templates

14. Business plan templates

15. Printable planners

16. Printable calendars

17. Music tracks

18. Sound effects

19. Digital magazines

20. Email templates

Subscription Services

21. Educational newsletters

22. Exclusive video content

23. Membership sites

24. Subscription boxes (digital content)

25. Premium podcast episodes

26. Online coaching sessions

27. Virtual fitness classes

28. Recipe subscriptions

29. Meditation series

30. Personal growth challenges

Educational Materials

31. How-to guides

32. DIY project plans

33. Online workshops

34. Language learning tools

35. Coding tutorials

36. Photography courses

37. Marketing seminars

38. Investment strategies

39. Entrepreneurial bootcamps

40. Science experiments kits

Artistic Content

41. Illustrations

42. Comics

43. Animated shorts

44. Music albums

45. Poetry collections

46. Short story collections

47. Dance choreography videos

48. Theater play scripts

49. Sewing patterns

50. Knitting patterns

Tools and Resources

51. Budgeting tools

52. Meal planning templates

53. Fitness training programs

54. Gardening guides

55. Travel itineraries

56. Wedding planning checklists

57. Educational games

58. Children’s story apps

59. Pet training guides

60. Home organization tools

Professional Assets

61. Legal templates

62. Contracts for freelancers

63. Business spreadsheets

64. Slide deck templates

65. Project management tools

66. Case studies

67. Industry reports

68. Workflow documents

69. Online calculators

70. Professional development courses

Niche Markets

71. Eco-friendly living guides

72. Vegan meal plans

73. Homebrewing tutorials

74. Antique restoration tips

75. Collector’s guides

76. Fantasy sports strategies

77. Esports coaching

78. Drone flying tutorials

79. Model train layouts

80. Cosplay making guides

Interactive Content

81. Escape room kits

82. Interactive mystery games

83. Role-playing game modules

84. Educational escape games

85. Quiz apps

86. Personality assessments

87. Virtual reality experiences

88. Augmented reality apps

89. Tarot reading guides

90. Astrology charts

Creative Experiences

91. Virtual art gallery tours

92. Live streaming concerts

93. Interactive storytelling sessions

94. Creative writing prompts

95. Photography challenges

96. Film-making tutorials

97. Craft tutorials

98. Jewelry making courses

99. Pottery workshops

100. Gourmet cooking classes

Each of these ideas leverages the concept of creating something once and selling it repeatedly, potentially reaching a wide audience without a corresponding increase in production cost.

This list was created using the help of ChatGPT. Use it as inspiration only.

If any of this resonates with you and you want to chat with me about it, I invite you to apply for the 6 Sessions bundle. We’ll be able to get to know each other, discuss any areas for improvement, and create a plan that works for you ❤️ can’t wait to meet you! 

With love!!!



*DISCLAIMER: (1) Links included in this description may be affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission for purchases made using these links (at no additional cost to you). All products that I share are products I use, love, and highly recommend. (2) The information presented in this content is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. I am not a licensed physician or healthcare provider. Always consult with your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional before undertaking any new treatment, consuming any supplements, or making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. You are responsible for your own health decisions and by reading this blog post you agree to hold the creator harmless from any consequences arising from acting on the information provided.

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