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Goddess Energy Unlocked | Celebrating TWH 50th Episode

In this blog post, I want to talk about feminine energy and how to embody more of it in your daily life. 💗

Welcome angels 👼

In celebration of the Thrive With Her podcast's 50th episode, I published an amazing guided meditation. It's packed with affirmations and high vibe music to program in your new beliefs.

If you want to Download the Goddess Energy Subliminal Program audio file, you can do so by joining the Magical Workbooks & Downloads 🪄 program. Otherwise, you can stream on the Podcast or YouTube. 😁

The guided meditation is perfect for a morning boost ☀️, a pre-sleep wind-down 😴, or anytime you need a little inspiration during your day. 🌈

What is Feminine Energy?

Divine Feminine energy is something everyone has access too, especially naturally feminine women! Feminine energy is a powerful force that embodies intuition, empathy, creativity, and collaboration. Unlike the more assertive and direct masculine energy, feminine energy offers a more surrendered path to self-awareness and deep emotional connections. Understanding and embracing this energy can lead to a more balanced, fulfilled life.

Benefits of Feminine Energy

Cultivating feminine energy can enhance your relationships, increase your creativity, and allow you to communicate more effectively. It’s about being in tune with your emotions and the environment, much like a gardener senses the needs of their plants.

How to Connect with Your Feminine Energy

  1. Neutral Time: Spend time alone, journaling or meditating to get in touch with your feelings.

  2. Connect with Nature: Go outside and enjoy nature. It helps clear your mind and ground you back to mother earth.

  3. Create Something: Draw, dance, or write stories to express yourself. Any to stimulate your imaginative powers.

  4. Connect with Others: Build mutually beneficial relationships that help you grow and enjoy your life.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to invest in yourself, I invite you to apply for the 6 Sessions bundle. We’ll be able to get to know each other, discuss any areas for improvement, and create a plan that works ❤️ can’t wait to chat! 


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