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Elevate Your Vibration, Change Your Life.

Updated: Feb 20

Guided meditation for elevating your vibration.

This guided meditation will permanently elevate your vibration.

Take this time to mute your phone and find a quiet and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.

You have been struggling and striving for a very long time now, you feel like you are doing what needs to be done, but you aren’t seeing the results you want.

You have forgotten what life is truly about. It is now time to align your energy with who you really are.

There is nothing wrong with what you have been doing, you are fully deserving of everything you want.

Your subconscious mind is waiting for a clear instruction to give you what you want, this meditation is the key.

Listen to this meditation every day upon wakening and before retiring to bed.

Do this for 33 days and you will see a permanent shift in your vibration.

Let’s begin…

Sit or lie down and close your eyes.

Start to quiet your mind and tune into your body, relaxing deeply, taking deep breaths.

I will be taking you through a series of visualizations, use whatever images first come to mind, do not think about it, just do.

This is your own personal experience.

Start to feel your body completely relaxed, you are feeling calm and soothed.

Your worries are a distant memory, you are in your own personal heaven where time stands still.

Take a deep breath in, hold it, and slowly exhale.

Take a deep breath in, hold it, and slowly exhale.

Now relax into your own breathing.

You are surrounded by a protective and loving energy.

You feel completely comfortable and safe.

You release all tension in your body.

Starting with your face, your forehead, your eyes, your jaw… moving down through your neck and chest.

Your heart is beating slowly and effortlessly.

Your stomach is completely relaxed.

Your organs are functioning perfectly and fully at peace.

Your legs and feet are tension free.

You completely trust your bed or seat to fully support the weight of you.

You are now fully relaxed and protected.

Visualize yourself slowly walking through a forest.

You are wearing comfortable clothing but no shoes, it is just you and your bare feet on the soft soil.

Take in the fresh smells and feeling of the air.

It is warm and cozy but not too hot, it is the perfect temperature.

Look at all the trees and beautiful plants.

Enjoy all natural colors around you.

You hear the birds chirping and singing uplifting songs.

They are encouraging you along your journey.

As you walk, you start to notice a small lagoon with beautiful waterfall pouring into it from a river above

The water looks crystal clear so you can see the white sandy bottom.

You walk towards the lagoon and feel the urge to take a bath.

As you walk closer, you start to see the light Bluegreen energy radiating from the water.

You are now standing right at the edge of the water.

You start to slowly remove all of your clothing.

You are fully comfortable in your bare human body.

You stand there for a moment, take a deep breath in, enjoying the comforting rosy smell emanating from the water.

You take one step into the lagoon, the water feels clean and it is at a perfect body temperature.

With every step you take into the water, you are slowly stepping into another dimension.

It is a familiar, yet distant feeling.

As you continue to walk into this magical lagoon. You start to reach a depth where your feet can no longer reach the bottom.

You are now floating on your back.

The water holds you up completely, like a soft loving cloud.

As you are floating effortlessly, you look up to the sky.

You see glimmers of the sun peaking through the soft green trees.

It is like nothing you’ve ever seen or felt before.

You take a few deep breaths, enjoying every aspect of this experience.

Now you quietly speak out this request: “I am ready to see who I really am, please show me.” “I am ready to be who I really am, please show me.” “I am ready to feel who I am, please show me.”

You start to feel very warm inside, you start to slowly sink into the water, you can still see the sun shimmering through the water.

As you go deeper and deeper, it is getting darker and darker. You are not afraid of this darkness, you embrace it.

You finally reach the floor and you are free to walk around and breathe normally.

You have have now entered your subconscious mind.

You are in your mind palace, This palace is the kingdom of God within you.

You start to see a bright figure coming towards you, this is your higher self.

You are so happy to see each other, you embrace each other in a warm loving hug.

As you bask in each other’s presence, your higher self tells you this: “I have been waiting for you, I have always been here and I am so happy you have let me in.” “I love you unconditionally and I support you in whatever you desire.” “I know you have been through a lot, but I have been there with you, every step of the way.” “I have you completely.” “Fear not, for I am with you always.” “I have an important message for you.” “I want you to let go of your desires, leave them to me.” “I will take care of it, please allow me to do so.”

You fully receive this message and you are so happy to hear this.

Your higher self has a more specific message just for you.

Listen to what they are telling you now.

(space to process)

You have complete faith that your higher self will deliver on its promises.

You let go all current perceptions of the outer world and you surrender your desires to be fulfilled.

You do not concern yourself with How or When your higher self will deliver, you just know, deeply in your heart, that everything that happens from this moment forward is delivering you to that which you seek.

You thank your higher self for this message and you hug one last time.

Before you rise back to the surface, your higher self whispers one last thing into your ear:

“Whatsoever things you ask for, believe that you have received them, and you shall have them.”

You slowly float back to the surface, waving goodbye to your higher self.

And so it shall be

As within, so without

(Singing bowl gong)

You may now open your eyes.

You have completed the meditation.

You will now start to see a shift in your physical reality.

Comment below how you are feeling and don’t forget to like this video, so more people can enjoy this transformative meditation.

Goodbye Divine Being



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