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Can You Commit?

Updated: Feb 16

The main difference between a manifestation mindset and unproductive delusion lies in the actions we take.

The Tale of the "Beginner"

Meet Girl, a friend of mine who has expressed her desire to improve her dancing skills for the past six months. Every time we catch up, she mentions her "beginner" status and her desire to become better at dancing. However, despite the talk, there is never progress. She has not made any active decisions to take dance classes, practice at home, join any clubs, or anything at all. She is stuck in the "set the intention" state.

What is stopping her? How long will she be a "beginner" before she makes the moves necessary to level up her skill? What does she need to give herself the permission to actually start? How long will she keep talking about the same desire?

The key to effective manifestation is not just the desire but the commitment to take action. AND the ability to allow the manifestation to come into your life.

Taking Action Every Day

It's not about perfection or moving at the speed of light. It's not about efforting, hustling, or overworking. It's about consistent and meaningful steps towards your goals, whether big or small.

Time and Space

Timing is crucial in goal-setting. It's totally acceptable to focus on a current goal before moving on to the next one. However, it's essential to define clear milestones. If, for instance, you're waiting to achieve a certain sales target before launching a new venture, set that clear milestone in writing (I teach you how to create clear actionable goals in my 2024 New Year Playbook).

Avoid the trap of indefinitely pushing off your desires by not having a clear plan.

Life's Balance: Structure and Flow

Life is a delicate balance between going with the flow and having a structure. Establishing a structure, also known as a "container," provides the foundation for true freedom.

Rules, criteria, and specific details act as guiding principles to measure progress, happiness, and overall well-being. Without this structure, it becomes challenging to differentiate between growth and stagnation.

All things considered

The story of the "Beginner" serves as a reminder that mere desires without consistent effort lead to unfulfilled potential. Whether it's mastering a new skill or launching a venture, defining clear goals, taking daily actions, and finding the right balance between structure and flow are the keys to manifesting a life of fulfillment and success.

So I ask you. . .

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