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✨ Instant Access to All Exclusive Workbooks and Downloads Previously sold in the MindShift Store. CONTENTS as of April 16, 2024 DOWNLOADS: - Law of assumption workbook - Channel the divine workbook - 2024 new year playbook - 30 day mindset shift ritual - Journal prompts for healing - 28 positive affirmations for healing - Time management work - 5 email pitches to land Brand collaborations as a new content creator - Habit Tracker notebook insert + AUDIO PROGRAMS: - Goddess energy subliminal program - 10 minute guided meditation for manifesting abundance - Guided meditation to Manifest a specific thing - 5 minute money mindset meditation - 10 minute guided meditation for positivity - 10 minute guided meditation for gratitude - 5 minute guided meditation to connect with God and your inner guide. As you know, I am constantly adding new products and services. I wanted to create a place where I could bundle all the fun workbooks and extra resources. 📚 💋 Most of these downloads are not listed in the public store anymore so you can only access them through this collection. These files are for personal use only! You are prohibited from sharing, distributing, or selling any files from any of the Programs or Resources hosted on, and/or created by Patricia Gomez. Everything contained in this site is Intellectual Property of Top Creative LLC. Parent Domain name If you want to share this with friends, family, or your audience, you can send them the link to sign up directly. You have lifetime access with this purchase. Which means that whenever I add more things, you get automatic access! 🌹

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