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Photo of Patricia Gomez, the fashion model and influencer based in south florida.

Are you ready to change your life?

🦋 Welcome to the world of divine personal growth 🦋

I know you're not satisfied with your life right now.
It's not your fault!

You've been conditioned to be, do, and feel a certain way.
But it doesn't have to stay this way.

There is a lot of complicated manifesting advice you can follow.

But the YOUniversal truth is actually very simple.

Personal growth is not easy, but it works.
By changing your mind, you can change everything about your life.

You can create a self-concept that manifests FOR you.
You can have everything you want.


What the angels say 📲

Patty’s students have been able to overcome their challenges, take back their power, and create a life that they can be happy with. 

First day with the new studio!!! Class.jpeg
Just made my first sale!!!! How did it.jpeg
I'm just watching the new season of.jpeg
Hello my love! Just checking in today,.jpeg
Patty I'm feeling so good! He unblocked.jpeg
I feel so safe and lucky since our.jpeg
Yes and it happened so fast! I know we.jpeg
Im so happy i met u.jpeg
I know i was really stubborn about it but.jpeg
Paty omg! When i went to work today i_ed
Okayyyyy so update.... Last week he.jpeg
He just cashapp me 100 just for nails.jpeg
You must have done your visualisation.jpeg

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